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About Us

Melbourne Australia Tours


Melbourne Australia tours:

We are a family owned and operator business running small group tour operations
in Melbourne and Australia wide also using the name Australia Vacation packages
through our business partners offering amazing tours at amazing low prices. We
have the ultimate range of 1 to 7 days 6 nights tours to some of the most
picturesque places in Victoria and Australia wide. We specialize in the Great
Ocean Road, The Grampians, Melbourne to Adelaide Tours, Melbourne to Tasmania Tours, farm stay tours, Package tours. We also do family and
private tours for people as well as personalized group charters to just about
anywhere in Australia. We also place a strong emphasis on incorporating
Australian Wildlife into our tours, as we believe this is one of the things
that makes Australia so special!


We operate smaller modern vehicles between 12 to 24 seats
for our day to day tours to offer a friendly personal tour, where clients and
driver can interact with each other by asking questions about the tours,
Victoria, Australia or either get to know each other if they wish.


Charters/Private tours are available


We have access up to 57 seaters bus/coach and also
professional drivers, for your convenience.


Feedback: We appreciate feedbacks to our team as we believe
that it only makes us serve you better. So if you have any please let us know.
We are happy to hear from you. Education is important as we give the education
to you through our guides, we know that we can also learn from you our clients.


Why are we so affordable?


This is one of our most frequently asked questions and its a
question that can’t be answered in one clear answer but we have made sure that the price is right for all. .


Our Guides:


Our drivers/guides are selected because they have a heart to
serve the people that trust us with their tour experience. Most of our staffs
can speak more then 2 to 7 languages which allows them to breakdown any
cultural and communication barriers. They have open minded ability to entertain
people. They have all well travelled and therefore understand the needs of
other travellers. Our guides are trained under the expertise of Colin May the
Founder/Managing Director of Melbourne Australia Tours who is Australian
Government approved Classroom trainer assessor, which ensures our guides are
the best in the business.


Our Vehicles:


We only use a modern fleet of vehicles. So one thing you can
always be sure of is that the vehicles we use are always modern, clean,
comfortable, heated and air conditioned coaches.


Courtesy hotel pick up and drop off:


We offer courtesy hotel pick ups and drop offs to over 100
different inner city locations and St Kilda.

From time to time we do home pick ups and drop offs too.




Our overnight accommodation is pre-arranged for all of our
guests at cosy country hostels. Motel accommodation is also available as well
as the ability to upgrade to double or twin rooms. Accommodation payments can
be made to any travel agent or paid directly to the hostel.




Melbourne Australia Tours is a fully accredited tour
operator registered with public transport Safety Victoria and a licenced Tour
operator registered with Victoria Government Parks. Accredited Cert 4 Driving
instructor, Victoria Government approved trainor and assessor.


Tour partnerships:


Due to our rapid growth Melbourne Australia Tours and
Australia Vacation Packages our new company has many business partners around
Australia and with good sales marketing this allows our clients to not miss out
on the tour of their choice and allows us to get them on the bus at amazing low
price and no extra hassle.


About the Managing Director, Family and Staff.


Colin May founder/Managing director earned his education in
the tourism industry in the classroom and on the job, his training and
qualifications are with the ministry of Transport New South Wales through
university of Queensland and Victoria government Tafe, where he gained
qualifications to teach people how to drive and educate in theory and driving
instruction, same education he learnt and passed is what is taught to
Australian Army transport staff. On his job training he got experience working
for highly respectful companies like comfort delgrade/cab charge and greyhound
touring coaches Australia.


He started Melbourne Australia Tours with nothing and just
got the help from his wife and family, now the company has turned into a dream
come true. His wife who is Malaysian Chinese, manages the office, she is fluent
in English/Mandarin and this helps out our Chinese speaking customers.


 Our management team is made up of Chinese speakers and
English speakers all related either by blood or through marriage to Colin May.
So when you ring us you will either get a mandarin/Bahasa or English speaker if you


Drivers: We have English speaking drivers, Chinese
(mandarin, cantonese and foochow), an Indian driver fluent in hindi, tamil and
many other Indian langauges


Melbourne Australia Tours supports a number of charities in
many different ways, so when you travel with Melbourne Australia Tours you are
also playing a part in helping someone’s life in a special way.