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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tour required tipping to the driver?  no its not compulsory... customer may want to give drivers a blessing if they feel they want to.

What is the payment method of the tour? cash, credit card, paypal or bank transfer. If not sure just ask. 

Note: we have authorization marketing managers in Malaysia if you want to meet them or their details let us know. 

Is there toiletries and towels in the room?  yes

Is there jugs, microwaves and hair dryer? yes there is a jug so  you can boiled water, microwave to boil water or have your noddles and hair dryer to dry your hair. 

Note: Customers are free when on the tour to ask hotel management for these things just in case they are not there by mistake or any other special need. 

Is there free wifi on the bus and accommodation? Yes there is. 

Is the ensuite with the room? yes 

Are there booking fees for the tour? no 

Is the itinerary flexible or do we have to do as the tour is written on webpage? Yes the tour has been design as a guide but if it doesn't cost anything extra or if you want to do something that is going to cost extra then you can talk to the tour manager or management to know how much it is or how we could fit in your new plan 

How many people on the tour?  10 to 24 people on average 

How many do you need to run a tour?  we need at least 6 people to run the tour that means we can have 3 groups of 2 paxs per group as example or many different customers from different groups..If your not sure about this just ask our package tours team... 

What type of accommodation? most is 3 star, but you can upgrade for extra expense to farm stays, home stays, 4 to 5 stars or either backpackers depending on your budget and personal needs. 

If I am single person can i book this tour ? yes we will put you in a room to suite your needs charges are a little extra to cater for your privacy. 

Note: If clients have special needs regarding privacy please let us know so we can help you in this. 

Can we choose our own accommodation?  Yes you can. 

Is there meals with the tour? yes there is 2 meals a day. 

note: clients in the past have done the following due to personal choice: they have decided on no meals which means we will give them a discount, or they have gone with 3 meals a day which means extra expense them.

Can we choose our type of meals?    yes you can just let us know 

What type of food is available? fish and chips, western, chinese, international, vegetarian 

Is halal, vegetarian, Chinese or western?  yes 

If we have a certain type of faith can we stop and pray or visit a holy place? yes we can just let us know so we can plan ahead. 

Does tour include entry fees?  Tour includes entry fees as stated on the website. 

What type of level of fitness do i need? very little level of fitness on this tour, also the places we need to walk to you can stay in the bus or choose to follow the tour manager to the iconic location.