Great Ocean Road 12 Apostles Scenic Flight Tours

New exciting tour allows you to see the best of the Great Ocean Road coast from the air

Pick up: Melbourne between 10am-11am

As part of our courtesy service we will come and get you from your accommodation to take you to the Essendon airport
Next we will do a meet and greet the pilot/safety demonstration/ brief talk of where we will be going for the day.

Take off 11: 30am as we head for the city of Melbourne for our first scenic flight.
commentary as we head the scenic famous costs as we fly over City of Geelong, Great Ocean Road, Torquay, Lorne, Apollo bay, 12 apostles, loch ard gorge, Port campbell, beaches of the scenic coast. london bridge.
We land at Peterborough or Warrnambool airport where one of our buses be waiting to take you to have lunch then give you on the ground view of the 12 apostles.
After we head back to to the bus then take you back to the airport for your flight inland to Essendon Airport.
Return time: 5pm estimation...

Plane size:
Price: $285 AUD 


Lunch at Port campbell or Warrnambool depending on your dietary needs (if you don't want lunch we will take this of the tour price as we understand this might be due to your religion or dietary needs)

Free transfer fees to and from hotel in City of Melbourne to Essendon Airport

Pick up from Warrnambool Airport or Peterborough airport.

commentary along the tour in bus and plane.

max 8

Views from airplane: City of Melbourne, City of Geelong, Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles, loch ard gorge, london Bridge, City Of Warrnambool,

Views from Bus: City of Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles, Port Campbell + City Of Warrnambool.

Please note: Weather/government play a huge part in aviation things may change without warning causing us to change the Itinerary will be run as per website

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